Friday, August 8

Updated "Statement of Purpose"

Hello my long abandoned readers! Anyone still with me? No worries... I've been thinking that I need to start up my blog again for my own satisfaction and note-taking needs. Life has developed, as it always does when your children are growing up. We have a new addition to the family as of March 2014. Nora Therese is growing fat and beautiful, despite her best efforts to regurgitate nearly everything I feed her. Greta is 5 now and Joseph is 3 and a half. I'm still here, not too worse the wear for a third pregnancy, and El Husband is still keeping things real at work.

So... the future of this blog will revolve primarily around:
1. Homeschooling
2. Childcare
3. Health and nutrition
4. A space to share with friends what is on my heart and mind

I guess that isn't all that different from what I was doing before, but homeschooling is taking over my energies now and that will be the focus of a lot of my posts. Stay tuned for more adventures ;)

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