Monday, November 14

Falling off the wagon

Well, I certainly have fallen off the proverbial blogging wagon. Everything is fine, nothing life changing or catastrophic has occurred. I just got busier than usual and unfortunately, when you take a break from blogging, it's hard to get back to it. Kind of like when you don't talk to a friend for awhile and then there's that awkward, "getting to know you" again stage. But the longer you put it off, the harder it is to start.

So let's play catch up. First the kids. Greta is 2 and a half now. She talks more than ever and she never misses a thing. Words can't describe her and I'm too tired right now to try harder :) Joseph will be one year old next month. He just started walking this week and it's my prediction that he will never stop moving once he really gets going. He is such a tough, happy-go-lucky character. And he loves his mommy. His mommy loves him... except during those three times a night when he insists in waking up to nurse. I'm often as tired as I was when I had a newborn. Please God that this will end soon.

As for myself... well, I traveled a lot in October. Went with some friends to their "cabin" (if that place was a cabin, our house is a trash can) in Colorado. Just for the record, that is a very beautiful state! Then we went to Phoenix for a weekend with my mom, who'd come out to visit for a week. I flew home to Ohio with my mom and the kids. Ohio was lovely... exactly as I left it. Cold, grey, rainy, and I felt so at home in it. Seeing my siblings again was a treat. What I really miss about living far away from family is how much your family loves your children and how much joy you, as a parent, get from seeing your children loved as no one else could love them. After two weeks, I flew back with my dad and the babies. Words fail when I want to talk about how much I detest flying with the kids. Needless to say, we survived and had a delightful, but short visit with my dad here in NM. He left on Monday and I've been trying to get back to normal for the past week. It's odd how two weeks away from your husband will leave you with a period of adjustment... of getting used to each other again. I missed him. But he used wisely our time away and did lots of work on the house.

In my spare time (say, what?), I've been starting an online editing business. It's been fun to get back to the academic field. I edit college papers, some scholarly work from grad school acquaintances, and books from colleagues and former professors. Check it out if you're interested. MRS Editing

That's about it, friends. Show some love so I have more encouragement to keep this up :)