Tuesday, April 24

Long lost...

Sorry for the extended hiatus from blogging. I can tell my readership has dropped off. My fans are no longer clamouring for more :) It's a joke. I have little to no idea who my readership is, if there is one, and as for fans, I have two and their names are Greta and Joseph. Also, it's only fair to say that they are rather temperamental fans. One false move and they're yelling loudly for a new mother.

My latest occupation has consumed all my spare time. The editing business I started last year has kept me extremely busy since the start of this year. I like the work and I'm so grateful for all the business that has floated my way. My kids don't appreciate it nearly as much as I do, but I'm learning the careful balance of running a home business, keeping house, and raising small children. Emphasis on "learning."

Other than that, not much is new here. I actually wrote this post because I had two funny thoughts to share about Greta. She's going to love me so much for keeping this blog and recording all her bloopers when she gets older! So do you want to know a really creative, multi-tasking way of teaching your 2-almost-3 year old to count? She sits on my legs when I do sit-ups, and we count together to whatever number of sit-ups I need to do. This kills two birds with one stone... I have to do more sit-ups and she learns to count to a higher number. Of course, there are all those normal methods, such as counting beans, sticks, or whatever, but this is how we express our individuality ;) The only problem is that with this method, Greta may never learn to count higher than 50... nah... more like 30.

Greta's imagination has been affording me much amusement lately. She has a new thing... she wants to "talk" to me. Ever heard of the "love languages"? Well, Greta's is definitely "quality time." Specifically, she wants me to sit still, look at her (meaning, I can't take a nap while we "talk"), and ask questions or answer them. Here's an example:

G: Mommy, I want to talk.
M: Ok, Greta. What do you want to talk about?
G: Let's talk about... chickens!
M: Ok. Mommy chickens say "bak bak bak." Daddy chickens say "cockadoodledoo." Baby chickens say "cheep cheep." And they flap their wings and run around. Can you flap your wings and run around?
Greta runs around, arms waving, cheeping furiously. Mommy closes her eyes and rests. Greta comes back from her flight.
G: Mommy, you have to open yours eyes. [no response] MOMMY YOU HAVE TO OPEN YOURS EYES! [one eye opens] MOMMY, I WANT TO TALK.
M: sighs... Ok.
G: I have a mouse friend.
M: Can you catch me a mouse? [thinking, this will keep her busy. Wrong. Apparently, imaginary mice are very easy to catch. Greta brings me the mouse]
G: Here is yours mouse, Mommy.
M: Oh thank you, Greta. Oh NOOO! These goes the mouse! He ran away! I think I see him in the kitchen. [Greta runs off in pursuit of said mouse. Mommy closes her eyes. All too soon Greta returns with the "mouse." But it is a wily mouse and soon disappears behind the curtains, under the couch, on the table...]

It is only fair to mention that our topics of conversation are set. Greta will talk about chickens, about living in New Mexico (yes, that's one), about her birthday party (May 19th!), and I think that's it, so far. 

And this is how we pass the afternoon until Joseph wakes up.