Tuesday, May 1

Blogging... or The Art of Procrastination

The title pretty much sums up my post. I could stop here, but then, I'd have to get back to housework. Which would not be enough procrastination to justifying posting about it. So desperately drumming up an excuse not to do housework, I've decided to subject you to yet another post about little or nothing. My friend, Maria St.H (as she is in my books), just made me feel very much like I should impart more useful information by linking to my "smoothie making" post. But unfortunately, the domestic juices have been more or less on stand-by mode. In short, I've discovered nothing as of late that merits sharing.

I could vent, though. Patience is a truly terrible virtue. You only notice that you don't have it when you particularly need it. For a multitude of reasons, we've decided to sell our house and look for a cheaper one here in town. So the house chores I'm currently avoiding involve "tidying" the house. Now, as I've said before, there is generic tidying - most of us have done it at some forgotten time in life - where you stuff everything out of sight under the couch, the bed, in the closet. And then there's normal tidying, in which said tidy-er picks up daily messes and puts them away, more or less where they belong. Finally, there is "get ready to show your house to  judgmental strangers who might, in an off chance, pay you lots of money for the garbage container you call home." This, my friends, is a true nightmare. It takes on epic proportions when small children are involved. Because the epitome of children is their constant motion... which includes the motion of all objects in their reach.

All that said, I'm feeling terribly impatient. Because I want our house to sell now, so I can buy this dear, small house before someone else buys it... someone who surely won't appreciate it as I do. I've gone as far as planning where to put our furniture, what color curtains would be complement the walls, and how I will make more space in the kitchen. All of this, of course, is a recipe for frustration and impatience.

Being an incorrigible English major, I always visualize my posts with a beginning, middle, and conclusion. A conclusion necessarily involves resolution. Unfortunately in real life, there is rarely conclusion. Even the happiest of "happily ever after" tales close with a false conclusion. While you might think all is over when the princess rides off the the prince to the clouds, what you're doing is "willing a suspension of disbelief." That prince and princess are going to have kids and have to stay up all night with those kids. And they're going to fight and makeup, and do it again and again..... My apologies. This train of thought actually has nothing to do with what I meant to say... which was, that I currently don't have a resolution to my depressed line of thought. The house has to be de-cluttered, it has to be shown to judgmental potential buyers, and my little dream house will be sold before I can claim my own. It's ok. God works in funny ways and maybe this is a good time to work on the virtue of patience.